We are all guilty of having given our souls to the dark lord in exchange of modern technology like android (well, not really but its close). But as it goes, grooming your android and apple phones can be a hassle if you’re not turning off the restrictions. Well, you can’t turn off restrictions on the apple iPhones and you need to buy every MP3 so apple users, too bad huh? While Android may be considered the lesser of the two in terms of applicability and usage, we all know how good it actually is, thanks to the very flexible applicability that the android developers were so gracious to provide us with. Long story short, you can download, install and get anything you please on the android platform.

The downside is that your android might get infected with malware and you can’t really tell if your phone is infected. Fret not because the android has a pretty impressive arsenal of protection when it comes to malware and viruses, but sometimes it just gets past. As a result your phone might get slower or your battery might stop working properly, depending on what type of virus got into the system.

So what do we learn from this? Well, while it is extremely flexible, you shouldn’t get carried away with that freedom. Chances are there are about at least a thousand sites with malware providing APK downloads for free, so you need to check your sources before you get the app and install from anywhere. Sure, relatively Play Store is the safest place for you to download, but there are also other safe sites you can always look to. For more information please visit here Descargar

So the best way to get apps and data files is to have a reliable source, and make it a point to download the OBB data too so that you skip the app data download process which gets a little too boring because third party download can be relatively slower than your android browsers.