A router is a device that allows internet users to create and connect the network at home. This means that the router will enable devices such as computers and tablets to be connected at the same time to the internet. Frequent internet users are always on the quest to find the best wifi router under 100. Taking into this consideration, they also scrutinize on the variety of features provided by different router companies.

While purchasing the best router under 100, customers should know certain terminology to choose the best one. For example, the basic sub-1000 Mbps routers are good for single-computer networks. It is also a good choice for those who are not planning to download or stream media like movies, music, etc. This type of router is best for those who need to get on the internet and email once in a while. Whereas routers that have more Ethernet ports and Mbps rates are good for a couple of computers with moderate data streaming usage.

Among the best wireless router under 100, the Tenda AC1200 Smart wifi router is designed for a medium-speed or size internet plan. The added USB port is good for sharing files to a single printer from multiple computers. The Tenda AC100 Smart wifi router’s Ethernet ports are advertised as gigabit, although this is a fairly-standard feature that the vast majority of modern routers will possess.

This is a solid router and a good choice for people who have got a pair of computers in different rooms that need to communicate. In the list of best routers under 100, the MediaLink AC100 wireless router is designed for security and medium traffic flow. This router is suitable for a small classroom or an office in which security of files might be more important than normal. It has 1200 Mbps as a maximum data speed with the lights and other controls are customizable.