Privacy is the capability of a person to seclude themselves or their information and express themselves selectively. Technology has brought innovative as well as facilities for better reach of communication. Social media, smartphones, email and the like provide the platform for communicating. Such platforms are however prone to a breach of security. Privacy is at risk from hackers, malware, spyware, virus, phone phishing and more. As technologies progress so also privacy becomes more at risk. To gain privacy back is a major concern to be dealt with.

Privacy is all about respect. It is disrespect to take information that a person wishes to keep in confinement. Moreover, using such information without the person’s consent is a huge attack on the person’s gain privacy concerns. A watchful eye or information theft is a threat to privacy. It is believed that the more information someone has about a person, the greater the degree of power over that person. When personal information is leaked into the hands of the wrong person can lead to a reputation disaster and affect every shape of a person’s life.

No doubt threats to privacy will prevail as long as we continue to communicate and share information. However, there are ways where it can be prevented. Popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo have easy access to store user’s browser history, IP address, cookie data, location and more. Using independent search engines is a better means to secure data.

Another way is to conceal the phone number as well as email id. This can be made possible by encrypting emails before sending them. The creation of a disposable email account can also be done for security. This activates a temporary address which further deletes the address after its use. Phone masking can also secure phone numbers. Such are the ways to gain privacy back. Privacy is a right of the individual and is a key to freedom of thought.