We’re all familiar with the traditional storage model, where customers bring their belongings to a facility, rent a storage space, and then load the unit themselves. Most people have also heard of mobile storage, which involves a company bringing a large storage container to a customer’s property, which is called valet storage. The number one reason why customers favour valet storage is convenience. Valet storage which comes with a door to door storage that takes the goods either to their facility for long-term storage or to a customer’s new home.

The initial delivery and pick-up are mostly free, which attracts new customers. It is a hassle to buy boxes, rent a truck, sit in traffic and physically load up the unit. People are continuing to move into crowded urban areas, and city apartments and homes are continuing to get smaller, which is where the door to door storage becomes convenient. The people who avail these services do not need to own a car or hire a van nor have to waste time sitting in traffic finding the way to a storage facility in a busy urban or industrial area.

Items to store or items needed back can be arranged in moments through online too, so it’s very convenient. Unlike traditional storage model, the pick-up storage item directly from the customer’s home and deliver them to the storage facility. The valet storage hong kong provides a service that combines warehousing, logistics and customer service, which is a new concept for the storage industry.

They update their in-house system to SAP to provide better service to customers. Besides the number of customers, the warehouse-size of storage and transportation team numbers increase every year as well making sure to provide seamless service to its numerous customers. This growing market is becoming popular in countries outside the USA, including Australia, Hong Kong, China, and Japan.