The dental implant cost Malaysia is undoubtedly one of the essential criteria to check when considering a tooth replacement by a teeth implant for aesthetic or medical reasons. Implant dentistry remains by far the best method to replace missing teeth because implants give you permanent results that far outweigh the other dental alternative such as dental bridges or removable dentures. But this superiority has a price as you will find out in this complete guide regarding dental clinic near me per tooth and for the full mouth.

To understand the dental implant cost Malaysia, you need to remember each implant is composed of three elements: the implant, the abutment and the crown. So, any price you get is usually the total amount of those three parts. The dental implants cost per tooth depends on many factors, such as the nature of the missing tooth. Front tooth implant cost is usually higher than the price of a back tooth implant because the front teeth are often trickier to restore due to the small space involved. And, because the abutment for these front teeth is usually more expensive than the standard sized and angled abutment s from the implant company.

Of course, it would cost you much more if you had all your teeth replaced with dental implants; surely, you would have a fortune in your mouth. However, a dental implant does not have to be on a one-on-one ratio. You can have just two implants supporting three teeth using a bridge, which is often much more cost effective.

When people ask you how much are dental implants cost Malaysia, you can now give the average price for one tooth, for one whole upper or lower jaw and the full mouth with minimum and maximum quotations. But you probably wonder why such a wide range between the low end and high-end range. It is only because the cost of a dental implant is profoundly affected by the different factors you need to know.