We all love watching videos on YouTube videos, whether its music, funny videos, vlogs or tutorials, and much more. But spending our limited high-speed data for re-watching the same videos again and again can be a hassle and not worth wasting our data every single time especially when listening to music, for which we don’t necessarily need the music video.

As such it is more convenient to have the mp3 file of the song downloaded on our phones which can be easily accessed anytime anywhere on our phone without a data connection. It is where online YouTube to Mp3 converters come in. These platforms provide the facility to convert and download YouTube videos directly to mp3 or mp4 formats on to our devices for easy anytime access.

Save youtube to mp3 is one of the online platforms that provide YouTube to Mp3 and YouTube downloader tools without the need to install any software or plug-in. All you have to do is copy the video URL and paste it on the site’s dialog box and click on the search button and automatically get links to download the video in Mp3 or Mp4 format. You can also cut the video at a given time to trim down the unnecessary parts of the video to your liking.

Apart from the site, there is also an add-on feature that can be downloaded and installed for your chrome or Firefox browsers for quick access and convenience for your YouTube to Mp3 or YouTube downloader needs. And to make things even more comfortable, you can add the keyword “stm” before youtube right after the www. on the URL to download any video you need.

A mobile app version is also available for your downloading needs making it just the click of an app icon away to download your favorite videos and music. There is no registration or waiting time involved, and the downloads are anonymous and free.