Who says you can’t go green while looking for a high-end quality smartphone case? Bamboo Huawei P30 is your ultimate go-to product for these reasons: classy, eco-friendly, waterproof, resilient, and customisable. Huawei P30 wooden case is the perfect green shield behind your precious screen.

Why go green? Technological evolution is a blessing and a curse due to the endless environmental problems associated with it. In a smart world, your mobile phone is your new best friend, and you have to protect your phone against the hassles of everyday life. So we at BOSSU have done our homework and are happy to present to you the new Huawei P30 wooden case because we care. The main ingredient to the product we serve is extracted from nature’s very own lap – the versatile bamboo with a dash of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).

Design Specifications: The most exciting design feature that we offer to you is the opportunity to personalise and customise your Huawei P30 wooden case.

Huawei p30 wooden case – Our online tools help you to design your phone case with personal photos and inscriptions.
• Huawei P30 Custom Name Initials – We assist in imprinting your name or initials with endless options of beautification.
• What’s more? You can go minimal with the standard case options available in Natural Bamboo and Dark Wood.
• It’s not just quality we offer. We cater to the differences in the taste of each customer.

• The smooth texture of the bamboo case is resistant to scratching while the TPU coating ensures waterproofing while acting as a shock absorber.
Huawei P30 wooden case is no doubt a smart choice if you want to go green in your lifestyle preferences. Our product is crafted from nature combined with the best of modern technology. Why not go green and walk hand-in-hand with Mother Nature using your own Bamboo Huawei P30?