There is no such thing as the best body part grouping to use when it comes to constructing the workout schedule. There are almost many different variations which are all equally effective. An interested individual who is into the building muscle program wants to keep their workout schedule effective. Shorter workouts which focus on one or two body parts are more effective for maintaining maximum intensity and focus throughout the workout.

Taking this into consideration, individuals are not recommended to schedule two bigger body parts for the same workout like chest and legs. Flatironalliance is the official website created by Charles who is known for his rapidly ripped program and flat iron a great set of tips for building muscle and diet programs for busy men. This site is designed to give men the complete muscle building program.

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During workouts, it should be noted that an effective workout should take around 45 minute’s tops. An attempt to tackle 2 major body parts such as chest and back in the same workout will exceed this time frame. For a good leg routine, they can go for a power rack and free weights which is all they need to do some awesome training. The backbone exercise of the leg routine should be squats. As far as anyone knows, squats are the champion routine for all leg movements. They should make sure that they are using a full range of motion for total lower body involvement.