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What if we could provide you outstanding aerial photos and films…

Visiofly is a French company specialized in manufacturing equipment for high definition aerial shooting. Established in Annecy (Haute-Savoie), we are proposing you a whole range of technical means which can be customized according to your needs. From remote-controlled planes to motorized dirigible airships, Visiofly is introducing you to a variety of economic, ecologic, and noiseless as well as user-friendly and handy to carry devices. You will enjoy pictures of the highest quality, while discovering a new way to shoot…

Be among the firsts to watch the last videos of the X GAMES 2010

The Europe X Games through the eyes of the Follow Julien Lange, Justin Dorey and TJ Schiller during pipe and slopestyle, with the presence of official commentator Candide Thovex. Besides you will be able to discover the stand avec Guerlain Chicherit...

A film made by SVP Production in Tignes with the help of the dirigible airship and the Visiofly Crossflyer CX 505.


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Find us on Dailymotion and Youtube

We regularly update our Dailymotion and Youtube channels.

Watch our last videos and the users’ ones on Visiofly TV : et

Those spaces are dedicated to aerial pictures, so don’t hesitate to send us your best Visiofly footage.

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The devices customizing on demand

Many of you have asked us to adapt our drones to specific applications.

We take great consideration of your needs to make our equipment in keeping with your requirements.

So the Visiofly products are also effective among others in the fields of termography, security, closed-circuit television, advertising and event planning for private clients as well as public procurements. 

Become a Visiofly authorized provider

As a professional in audio-visual, you would like to develop your business and skills: Become a Visiofly authorized provider. We are offering trainings and the suitable devices.

From then on you could join our professionals’ network in order to get involved in aerial shooting contracts.

Thank you for visiting at the SATIS 2009

Nominated at the SATIS 2009, we have presented you the Visiofly range of products and the aerial shootings we are making. You have been numerous to approach us concerning the video devices.

Thank you for the attention you are paying to our products. We will be glad to meet you again soon on every kind of audio-visual productions.

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